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Area Rug Construction


Handmade rugs are just what the name implies. They are custom made by hand, are usually quite expensive, and are made to last. Many people purchase them as investments and pass them down from one generation to the next as a family heirloom.


A Hand-Knotted rug is created by a gifted craftsman individually tying thousands and thousands of knots. It can take several days or even months to complete one rug. This is why a quality hand-knotted rug is so expensive.


A Hand-Tufted rug is created without tying knots. Instead the fiber is passed through the primary backing using a tufting gun. Then a layer of latex glue and a secondary backing called a "scrim" is applied to the back of the rug. Then finally, a cloth backing is applied to protect the floor underneath the rug.

Machine Made

The vast majority of the rugs on the market today are machine made. Machine Made rugs are made using tufting machines and can be made much quicker, much less expensive, and in much larger quantities than Handmade rugs. This provides for an almost endless array of textures, styles, shapes, and colors to choose from at relatively low prices when compared to handmade rugs. If you are looking for a rug for your home, you will most likley be shown machine made rugs unless you specifically seek out a handmade rug and are willing to spend the money to buy one.


At Valley Flooring Carpet One of Santa Maria we do have some handmade rugs, but the vast majority of our rugs are machine made. This is because most customers are looking for a rug more for functionality and not as an investment. Therefore, most people are not willing to pay the price for a handmade rug. So if you are interested in a handmade rug, be sure to let us know this so we can direct you to the handmade rugs we carry. The bottom line is: We have over 3,000 area rugs instock. If you can't find it here it probably doesn't exist. We guarantee you will be impressed.


Density & Twist

Density is how close the fibers are compressed together. The denser the rug, the better it will wear.


Twist is the number of spirals in a yarn fiber. A tighter twist adds to a rug's durability.



The most common fibers used to make area rugs are Nylon, Polypropylene (also known as Olefin) and Wool.


Nylon  is the most durable of all the synthetic carpet fibers. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it the choice for many people especially those with pets and children.  The benefits of nylon include appearance retention, fade and heat resistance, soil and stain resistance, and color and styling.


Wool is not used much in broadloom carpet but is used quite extensively to make area rugs.  Wool has a very elegant and luxurious look and feel to it.  Wool holds up well to foot traffic and has a moderate level of natural soil and stain resistance.  Wool is also very resistent to mold and mildew.  One downside is that wool carpet tends to shed.  This is to be expected and should be taken into consideration by anyone considering to buy a wool product.


Polypropylene also known as olefin, is generally used where resistance to sunlight fading and chemicals is more important than durability to traffic.  Olefin fiber is highly stain, fade, static, mold, and mildew resistant, so it can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. It’s resistance to matting and crushing is not as good as nylon fiber or wool, however it is less expensive.


Collections We Have Instock

  • Tommy Bahama Collection
  • Kathy Ireland Collection
  • Momeni New Wave Collection
  • Nourison 2000 Collection
  • Karastan Original 700 Series
  • National Geographic Collection
  • Andy Warhol Collection
  • Calvin Klein Collection
  • Dan Westervelt Collection
  • British Wool Collection
  • Sphinx Pinnacle Collection
  • And many, many more!



Why Buy from Valley Flooring?

  • We have over 3,000 Area Rugs in-stock. We have the largest selection from LA to San Francisco. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist. You have got to see it to believe it!!!

  • Our "Goof Proof" Policy in which we allow you to take a rug home and try it for 48 hours to make sure it is the right one before you purchase it.

  • We combine the buying power of nearly 2,000 stores to offer the largest selection and negotiate the best prices so we can pass the savings on to you.

  • Carpet One has the best guarantees in the industry including “The Beautiful Guarantee” - you’ll love the way your floor looks or we’ll replace it . . . free!!!

  • Our Installers and Sales Professionals receive specialized Carpet One training, making them very knowledgable and helpful flooring experts.

  • We have served the Central Coast for 41 years.  During this time we have seen our competitors come and go, but we have been and will continue to be here to serve our loyal customers.

  • We carry exclusive brands not available anywhere else.  These products are held to Carpet One’s extremely high quality standards and are backed by the best warranties in the industry.


From service to selection, no other flooring store helps you bring out the lasting beauty and value of your home like Valley Flooring Carpet One of Santa Maria. Whether you're just browsing and would like a flooring estimate, or you're ready to have your new floors installed by certified professionals, come visit our flooring store and discover a world of creativity that's waiting for your personal touch.

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